Dancing on the Edge 2015

July 2 - 11, 2015

Canada’s longest running dance festival continues the tradition of bringing together internationally renowned dance artists from around Canada for ten days of spectacular and surprising contemporary dance in Vancouver. The 27th annual festival will feature choreography by Fortier Danse-Creation, Mocean Dance, Shay Kuebler, Justine A. Chambers, Colleen Lanki, MascallDance, dumb instrument Dance, Serge Bennathan and much more!

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Official locations carrying the Edge 2015 guide:

The Firehall Arts Centre  – 280 East Cordova

The Dance Centre – 677 Davie

The Dance Shop – 1089 West Broadway

Duck Feet Dance – 1097 Marine Drive in North Van & 1447 Marine Drive in West Van

Live Love Dancewear – 3200 Westwood St in Port Coquitlam


Dance for Everyone and Everyone for Dance!

Founded in 1988 by the Firehall Theatre Society, the Dancing on the Edge Festival incorporated in 1998 as its own society. Created in direct response to the local dance communities’ need for a supported place to perform their work, the festival has evolved into an annual event which presents on average thirty performances in mixed programs and full length works from over twenty different dance companies and choreographers from across Canada each festival. The festival is recognized for its support of new works through its presentations, commissions and residencies programs. Artists such as Paul Andre Fortier, Wen Wei Dance, the 605 Collective, Serge Bennethan, Peter Bingham, Amber Funk Barton, Lola MacLaughlin, Joe Laughlin, Karen Jamieson, Kokoro Dance, Chick Snipper, Alvin Tolentino and Brian Webb, and Tara Cheyenne Friedenberg, to name just a few, have all benefitted from the Festival’s commitment to dance and to bringing dance in all shapes and forms to our audiences.


2015 Performances

Full Programs

Misfit Blues
Paul-André Fortier
Firehall Arts Centre

MOVE: the company (10th Anniversary celebration)
The Royal Ballet, Heather Dotto, Cai Glover
Vancouver Playhouse

Weaver Woman
TomoeArts | Colleen Lanki
Scotiabank Dance Centre

Mixed Programs

Edge 1
FAMILY DINNER: The Lexicon  |  Justine. A Chambers
Container  |  Action at a Distance | Vanessa Goodman
Liminal  |  Constance Cooke
Firehall Arts Centre

Edge Up
NINEEIGHT  |  Hong Kong Exile
Re: Play  |  Naomi Brand
Cuckoo  |  Thoenn Glover
this hallow space has a corridor  |  Michael Kong et al

Firehall Arts Centre | All tickets $22

Edge 2
TRACING MALONG  |  Co.ERASGA | Alvin Erasga Tolentino
Just Words (excerpt)  |  Les Productions Figlio | Serge Bennathan
Femme Fatales  |  Meredith Kalaman

Firehall Arts Centre

Edge 3
Trickster  |  Karen Jamieson Dance | Karen Jamieson and Nathaniel Justiniano
Oxygen  |  Jay Hirabayashi
Firehall Arts Centre

Edge 4
The Mars Hotel  |  dumb instrument Dance | Ziyian Kwan
Body Abandoned  |  Mocean Danace | Sara Coffin
Firehall Arts Centre

Edge 5
Nobody Likes a Pixilated Squid  |  Tentacle Tribe | Emmanuelle Lê Phan & Elon Höglund
Feasting on Famine  |  Radical System Art | Shay Kuebler
Firehall Arts Centre

Edge 6
NEW RAW  |  Deanna Peters
"how to be"  |  Tara Cheyenne Performance
Firehall Arts Centre

Site Work

Paul-André Fortier

Granville Island

Body Talk
Wen Wei Community Dancers
Firehall Arts Centre Courtyard

Dusk Dances
Mumure de Femme / Woman's Whisper  |  Lua Shayenne and Company
Kaha:wi, Four Directions, Young Woman's Dance  |  Santee Smith
THREE-TONE²  |  Karissa Barry
Duck Dances  |  MascallDance
Meet at 6:45pm at the Firehall Arts Centre, to follow the Carnival Band procession | 7:00pm Carnival Band performing at Portside Park | 7:30pm Dances begin

Portside Park

M. Session
Mark Siller, Dean Placzek, Antonio Somera, Rina Pellerin + Cristina Bucci
Firehall Arts Centre Courtyard

Jeanette Kotowich
Firehall Arts Centre Courtyard

Wreck Beach Butoh
Kokoro Dance
Wreck Beach, Trailhead #4


Tentacle Tribe Workshop
with Emmanuelle Lê Phan & Elon Höglund
Firehall Arts Centre Studio

Paul-André Fortier Dance Intensive  |  Paul-André Fortier, Simon Courchel & Robin Poitras
Scotiabank Dance Centre

Dance Film

A Good Madness | The Dance of Rachel Browne
Dance Film  | 
Firehall Arts Centre

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You can purchase them online at tickets.firehallartscentre.ca (just click the ‘Passes/GCs’ tab), or call us at 604-689-0926.

With so many incredible shows to choose from, a 4 or 6 show pass is the best way to truly experience the festival!

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