Dancing on the Edge

Artistic Mission:
The Dancing on the Edge Festival Society strives to create a place where contemporary dance artists are supported in the creation, development and presentation of artistically exciting choreography and where audiences discover and enjoy dance in both traditional and non-traditional settings.

• To produce a contemporary dance festival that provides affordable public performances by local, national, and international dance artists for the benefit of the general public
• To increase public appreciation and understanding of contemporary dance through performances, workshops, classes, lectures and the like
• To provide a means for professional dance artists and dance administrators to develop their skills through presentations, workshops, residencies, commissions and dialogues.

Festival History:
In 2018, the Festival celebrated its 30th annual festival making it the longest running professional dance festival in Canada.   The organization has a solid history to build on given its thirty year history. The festival is recognized nationally as a valued presenter of contemporary dance and has proven itself as an important partner and supporter of British Columbia dance artists.

2018 Performances

Full Programs

OW  |  MascallDance
St. Paul's (1130 Jervis St)

Against (work-in-progress)  |  Kinesis Dance somatheatro
Brooks Corning Showroom (380 West 2nd Ave)

SOLO 70: a dance by a man with a long dance history
Fortier Danse-Création
Scotiabank Dance Centre

Liz Kinoshita
Firehall Arts Centre

Lara Kramer Danse
Firehall Arts Centre

Mixed Programs

EDGE Seven
Real Time Composition Study  |  Rob Kitsos & Yves Candau & Martin Gotfrit
Pathways  |  Noam Gagnon/Vision Impure
Firehall Arts Centre

BOMBERMAN (excerpt)  |  Hoyeon Kim/Dab Dance Project
Loop, Lull (working title)  |  Company 605
Firehall Arts Centre

IF  |  Lesley Telford/Inverso Productions
Ying Yun (英云)(excerpt from a work-in-progress)  |  Wen Wei Dance
For You, For Me  |  Amber Funk Barton/the response.
Firehall Arts Centre

EDGE Three
Ho.Me  |  Carolina Bergonzoni/All Bodies Dance Project
Viewer Discretion  |  Jennifer Aoki
Gotta Go Church  |  Company Vice Versa
Firehall Arts Centre

Rematriate  |  Olivia C. Davies/O.Dela Arts
The Sun and the Moon  |  Holly Bright/Crimson Coast Dance

Firehall Arts Centre

8bitself  |  Mahaila Patterson-O’Brien
Isolated Studies  |  Hilary Maxwell
Firehall Arts Centre

Passages and Rhythms (excerpt of a work-in-progress)  |  Co.ERASGA
For as long as I can remember  |  Meredith Kalaman
Here and Now  |  Alexandra Elliott Dance
Firehall Arts Centre

Site Work

Crosswalk Hustle
Gail Lotenberg/LINK Dance Foundation
Davie and Bute (July 7) & Commercial Drive & E. 1st Ave (July 8)

Dancing on the Edge Presents Small Stage Summer Series @ Granville Island
Small Stage @ Granville Island

Wreck Beach Butoh 2018
Kokoro Dance
Wreck Breach (foot of the #4 Trail west of UBC MOA)

2019 Applications Now Closed

Thank you to our audience, volunteers and participating artists for our 30th anniversary!


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