So far at DOTE 2016

Here we are, day four of the festival and we have already been shown some amazing works. We’ve seen international, national, and local artists perform so hard they are leaving sweat marks on the stage in-between moments of comedic genius to make the audience laugh until they cry. We’ve seen incredible architectural costumes acting as extensions of the body, and we’ve been challenged to ask ourselves where the “body of the state” exists. With just over half of the festival to go, there are so many great performances and artists to catch.

Lost Object/ive - John Ottmann

Lost Object/ive – John Ottmann

Here’s a roundup of what’s happened so far:

EDGE One brought us three diverse pieces: Here on the Ground, a duet performed by Meghan Goodman and Julia Carr of Body Narratives Collective, choreographed by Sarah Chase; Radios, a solo co-created by Ame Henderson and Joshua Beamish, performed by Joshua; and Isaac y Diola, created and performed by German Jauregui and Antia Diaz from Belgium. Here on the Ground was a light hearted piece incorporating the performer’s personal stories of pregnancy, family, and dancing. Joshua Beamish performed with an enviable physical articulateness while the sounds of crackling radio stations echoed out of his jacket pockets. *No shows remaining

Isaac y Diola shifted the mood of the program as Jauregui and Diaz brought an indescribable gravity to their performance. Despite the conceptual base of this work, finding its intensity through repetition and duration, the interconnectivity of creation and destruction created a conflict in the performers body’s maintaining the audience’s attention. It was either the maturity of the performance Jaruegui and Diaz gave, or the expectedly exciting moment of Jauregui sawing off the front two legs of the chair he was standing on, that wrapped EDGE One on a high note.

THUS SPOKE invited audiences into an alternate world where actions, words, thoughts, and desires were amplified through the isolation of the stage. Co-created by choreographer Frederick Gravel and playwright Etienne Lepage, THUS SPOKE employed the talents of four performers (Frederic Lavallee, Marilyn Perreault, Anne Theriault, and Frederick Gravel) in what could be called assisted solos. In what felt like an assemblage of the desperate thoughts and treatises and musings of the writer, the physicalization of each monologue grew into a familiar lexicon of characters.  The energy of these performers was incredible, electrifying, and all consuming as the lights that shone equally on the audience as the performers brought us into the show.  *No shows remaining

EDGE OFF One included MascallDance’s The Outliner: en evening of solos in which solos created between 1984 to 2011 were included in the work. The solos were embellished and  expanded by the use of magnificent architectural costumes that manipulated and were influenced by the movement and choreography. *No shows remaining

Douce tourmente - DORSALE danse Sylvie Desrosiers

Douce tourmente – DORSALE danse Sylvie Desrosiers

Still to Come:

EDGE Two has its last performance tonight. Lost Object/ive performed by Meredith Kalaman, choreographed by Toronto’s John Ottman, considers the body as the anthropological and archeological artifact and site of knowledge. Kaleido, a work OURO Collective commissioned Montreal’s Tentacle Tribe to choreograph, plays with symmetry and the diverse skills of the performers with their hip-hop, whacking, b-boy, and vogueing backgrounds. The final piece is an excerpt of Dialogue, Wen Wei Dance’s latest work focusing on the honest connection of the five male performers. *Final performance: July 11 at 9pm; Tickets here

EDGE Three had their first performance last night. This program is bursting with local performers who always know how to entice, entertain, and challenge their audiences. the neck to fall is an ode to somatic pioneer Amelia Itcush that releases a lively dance inside the body performed by Ziyian Kwan of dumb instrument dance. I can’t remember the word for I can’t remember is Tara Cheyenne’s latest work-in-progress that seamlessly combines story-telling, character work, monologues of vulnerability and hilarity, along with movement and dance. *Final performance: July 12 at 9pm; Tickets here

EDGE OFF Two began last night including two works by local choreographers: Wags Alternate by Thoenn Glover, and the edges of things are ill defined by Julianne Chapple. *Final Performance: July 11 at 8:30pm; tickets here

EDGE Four starts tonight. It includes Open Fire choreographed by Olivia C. Davies, using the story and narration of Carmen Aquire; fighting chance, another solo performed by Joshua Beamish, choreographed by Noam Gagnon of Vision Impure; and Mettle, Out Innerspace’s latest work choreographed by Tiffany Tregarthen and David raymond in collaboration with performer, Elya Grant. *Performances: July 11 at 7pm & July 13 at 9pm; Tickets here

Upcoming in the festival is EDGE Five, EDGE Six, EDGE Seven, Douce Tourmente, and the two outdoor performances, En Route and Psuedotasuga – Earth to Sky. Be sure to look at the schedule to see times and to buy your tickets!

Have you been to any of the shows? Are you coming to any shows in the next few days? Comment below, or send us an email with what you saw and what you thought at (and don’t forget to tweet, facebook, and instagram – tell your friends)!

Dance is a vital part of the Vancouver arts community and Dancing on the Edge contributes greatly to that vitality  – we hope you will continue to support the success and evolution of the EDGE!

Keep dancing!

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