Performance, Place and Politics

Since our inception, we have been dedicated to supporting artists seeking new perspectives, new points of view in what we call dance.  We seek to share new ideas with our audiences.  Peter Dickinson shares his thoughts in his blog post.

“Framing that scene aesthetically on stage, Kramer forces us to sit with what we might otherwise choose not to see, to deal with its complicated layers of history and, perhaps most importantly, our own discomfort. This is not an easy work, but it is incredibly powerful, and I was never less than compelled.”


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Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
I live in Vancouver and teach in both the English Department and the School for the Contemporary Arts at Simon Fraser University. I am also the Director of SFU’s Institute for Performance Studies. My academic interests include theatre, dance and performance studies, film studies, and gender studies. I am actively interested in the relationship between art and politics, and especially what the performing arts can teach us about our relationships with the places we live, and with the world more generally. Hence this blog.