#DOTE2019 Trailer Out Now!

Our Dancing on the Edge 2019 Festival Trailer is out now! Featuring Danse Carpe Diem / Emmanuel Jouthe (ECOUTE POUR VOIR), Kirsten Wicklund (EDGE SIX: Afloat amidst the steam of my combustion), Jolene Bailie/Gearshifting Performance Works (Schemas, 1-5), Rachel Meyer (Transverse Orientation), Isabelle Kirouac & Nayana Fielkov (COURTYARD WORKS: Habitats), Sujit Vaidya (EDGE FOUR: OFF CENTRE), Nasim Lootij & Kiasa Nazeran / Vâtchik Danse (EDGE TWO: Moi-Me-Man), Linnea Swan (EDGE ONE: Yes) and Ziyian Kwan (EDGE SIX: The Odd Volume)! See the work of these artists and many more at Dancing on the Edge 2019! Tickets on Sale Now!!

Trailer: Ildiko Susany

Music: Alistair Wallace