Tara Friedenberg & Alexandra Clancy Chat #DOTE 2019 with the Jewish Independent!

“In the studio, I have been mining my own complicated and unhealthy relationship with my body as a #dancer in a #female body with the help of my amazing collaborators/performers. The process so far has involved exploring how the forms of stand-up #comedy and #dance can express this difficult, and often absurd, story of struggling with body image that many of us share.” – Tara Friedenberg.


The Body Project | Tara Cheyenne Performance

“Throughout the rehearsal process, there would be a back and forth of ideas; sometimes I would have a rhythmical phrase of tap dance and Mike would then create a melody over top, and sometimes Mike would compose a phrase of the melody and I would choreograph specifically to that part of the tune. After some give and take between our prospective instruments and ideas, we solidified a melody and then decided upon the structure of the tune. Some of the tune is improvised, some is a conversation, and some is very set and predetermined. We both enjoyed the collaborative process and found a harmonious way to create music and dance together.” – Alexandra Clancy


Where the Music Begins | Soleful Dance

The Jewish Independent chats with local Jewish Community Members Tara Friedenberg from Tara Cheyenne Performance and Alexandra Clancy from Soleful Dance about their work in Dancing on the Edge 2019!

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