2022 Performances

Full-length Works

Action at a Distance
Core/Us  |  Action at a Distance

Compagnie Danse NYATA NYATA
Wamunzo  |  Compagnie Danse NYATA NYATA

Isak Enquist
There Will Be No Recordings  |  Isak Enquist

plastic orchid factory
entre chien et loup [between dog and wolf]  |  plastic orchid factory

Raven Spirit Dance
Confluence  |  Raven Spirit Dance

The Ebnflōh Dance Company
In-Ward  |  The Ebnflōh Dance Company

Mixed Programs - Edges

Calder White/Tara Cheyenne Performance
BABY  |  Calder White
Pants  |  Tara Cheyenne

O.Dela Arts/Peppers Ghost New Media Collective/Co.ERASGA
Maamawi: Together Through The Fire  |  O.Dela Arts/Peppers Ghost New Media Collective
folding&unfolding  |  Co.ERASGA

Rebecca Margolick/Kate Franklin & Jeremy O’Neill
Bunker + Vault  |  Rebecca Margolick
Foam  |  Kate Franklin & Jeremy O'Neill


Glint Triple Bill
When I think It Has Yet To Begin  |  Francesca Frewer
a crisis/a party  |  Alexa Mardon
on the cosmic shore  |  Erika Mitsuhashi

Pam Tzeng
SHED/knowing each other as different and the same  |  Pam Tzeng

Outdoor Works

Dose of Pleasure  |  Co.ERASGA

The Ebnflōh Dance Company
In-Beauty  |  The Ebnflōh Dance Company

Festival Film Package

Festival Film Package
Paper Mountains (of Memory)  |  Anya Saugstad
Papillon (L’envolee)  |  Helen Simard/We All Fall Down
UNLEASHED  |  Little Pear Garden Dance Company
The Kiln Project  |  Shion Skye Carter
Just a Swipe  |  Collab Art Creations