Billy Marchenski

light-bearer  |  Billy Marchenski


July 8 Noon Streaming Free Performance
July 9 Noon Streaming Free Performance
July 10 Noon Streaming Free Performance
July 11 Noon Streaming Free Performance
July 12 Noon Streaming Free Performance
July 13 Noon Streaming Free Performance

British Columbia Premiere

A fallen being is tormented by memories of paradise.

This work will be performed and recorded every day at Iona beach, on Lulu Island, from July 7th-12th, with a stream available at noon the following day of each recording. This process will allow viewers to see how the low tides effect the work. Make sure to check the link below throughout the 7th-12th to view each iteration of the work.

Click HERE to watch light-bearer!
A COVID Commission work

Choreographer | Creator| Director| Production Design: Billy Marchenski
Composer: Billy Marchenski & Andreas Kahre
Performers: Billy Marchenski
Producer: Firehall Arts Centre
Cinematographer: Israel Seoane, Kryshan Randel, & Josh Hite
Dramaturg: Lesley Ewen
Additional Credits: Alison Denham, Outside eye
Cinematographer: Kryshan Randel
Video artist: Scott Billings


Billy Marchenski
Billy graduated from the School for the Contemporary Arts at SFU. He has been performing in Vancouver for over 20 years in Indie Theatre and Contemporary dance. Billy was the recipient of the Sydney J Risk prize for his show, “slowpoke,” inspired by a visit to the Chernobyl Exclusion zone in 2011. He is a member of the Butoh group “gigamal.”