Habitats  |  Isabelle Kirouac & Nayana Fielkov

Emergency!!  |  Tomoyo Yamada | Clala Dance Project

RIGEL & BETELGEUSE  |  Danse Carpe Diem / Emmanuel Jouthe

Stop the stigma, stop the shame (working title)  |  Shelley Cox

Where the Music Begins  |  Soleful Dance/Alexandra Clancy

Firehall Arts Centre - Courtyard Stage

July 5 - 13 See Event for Dates & Times Firehall Arts Centre - Courtyard Stage Free Event. Mixed Program. Check the Show for Dates & Times.


Isabelle Kirouac & Nayana Fielkov


July 5 @ 8.15pm

July 6 @ 8.15pm

A twist between Fellini and Lewis Carroll, Habitats is an enchanting performance for all ages combining elements of physical comedy, contemporary dance and circus. Accompanied by a mysterious white hare, a woman travels through dream-like roads in search of home. Through her journey into the unknown, she learns to transform her fears into curiosity. Celebrating the power of imagination, Habitats is a living poem about migration, transformation and the interaction between humans and animals.

Creators/Performers:  Isabelle Kirouac & Nayana Fielkov

Musical Composer: Martin Reisle

Outside Eye Consultants: Delia Brett, Chloe Ziner


Tomoyo Yamada | Clala Dance Project


July 5 @ 8.15pm

July 6 @ 8.15pm

Originally choreographed in 2012 this comical piece has been performed and re-created several times in Japan. Illustrating the frustration, impatience and hopelessness everyone must have experienced at least once in their lifetime, the artists invites the audience into a moment filled with quirk and humor.

Choreographer/Creator: Tomoyo Yamada

Performers:  Jen Aoki-Bolcsfoldi, Kestrel Paton, Charlotte Telfer-Wan, Tomoyo Yamada

Music: United Future Organization


Danse Carpe Diem / Emmanuel Jouthe


July 11 @ 8.15pm

July 12 @ 8.15pm

RIGEL & BETELGEUSE is the story of a singular pair that come from nowhere, one of whom is destined by fate to depart. They are two characters that emerge from an unknown canvas and are driven into a new painting, this one executed by the outdoor place, which will be invested.

The original intention of RIGEL & BETELGEUSE was to create a vivid duet with a script adaptable to any number of performance spaces. Emmanuel Jouthe has therefore selected some of the trademark characteristics of his choreographic signature and has created a “danse-poursuite” for two performers emphasizing the implausible life of a duo.

Depersonalized by their costumes, with each fresh performance the dancers dive into a completely new dialogue, a direct conversation articulated around a theme, a portfolio of movements, an alphabet of constraints and physical situations, in surroundings that change with every performance.

The lively characteristics of this unusual duo are directly related to their costumes. Initially inspired by Magritte’s painting Les Amants, the costumes were eventually designed with the goal of erasing the uniqueness of the individual in order to better evoke a universal and non-gendered atmosphere with which everyone can identify. Among other things, the characters’ hidden aspect allows the two dancers to play their game of hide-and-seek and tag without knowing who’s who.

In turn, the show’s script and improvised gestures are coloured by the distinctive characteristics of certain aesthetic movements in painting: fauvism, cubism, and pointillism. Combined with the explosive and percussive character of the dancers, these pictorial influences facilitate the performance of otherwise-complex curves, lines, and postures which outline exaggerated movements, while the juxtaposition and repetition of gestures enable variations on a single image.

Artistic Director and Choreographer: Emmanuel Jouthe

Performers: Élise Bergeron, James Phillips

Costumes: Cloé Alain-Gendreau

Stop the stigma, stop the shame (working title)

Shelley Cox


July 11 @ 8.15pm

July 13 @ 8.15pm

The show is Shelley recounting her devastating loss of a very special loved one to Fentanyl. The story is echoed by Kelly McInnes’ haunting movement support.

Creators: Shelley Cox

Movement Support: Kelly McInnis

Outside Eye: Raina Von Waldenburg

Text: Shelley Cox

Performers: Shelley Cox & Henry Wong

Where the Music Begins

Soleful Dance/Alexandra Clancy

July 12 @ 8.15pm

July 13 @ 8.15pm

The rhythmic sounds of tap and the melodic notes of saxophone come together in an exploration of music and dance. This piece is an original composition, created by seeking new connections between a dancer and a musician. Investigating original grooves and visuals, “Where the Music Begins” takes you on a journey to watch with your ears and listen with your eyes.

Choreographer: Alexandra Clancy

Performers and Composers: Alexandra Clancy and Mike WT Allen

Soleful Dance/Alexandra Clancy