Matthew Romantini

Firehall Arts Centre Courtyard

July 11 2014 8:15pm Firehall Arts Centre Courtyard By donation

Premiere – The human desire to transcend the mundane permeates the new work, choreographed by Barbara Bourget for Matthew Romantini. Using imagistic movement, sound and text, Crumbling juxtaposes strength and vulnerability, the meeting of the other-worldly and the senses in the body, and pushes the body’s expressive qualities and communication with the audience. The piece digs into the creative desire to ascend and the destructive desire to crash – the impulse to destroy even oneself in the service of transformation.

Produced by Omnivore Performance in association with Kokoro Dance.

Duration: ​40 minutes​

Barbara Bourget is the Co-Producer of the Vancouver International Dance Festival and the Artistic Director of Kokoro Dance, the post-butoh dance company that has been named by The Georgia Straight as one of the ten best reasons to live in Vancouver.  Barbara has choreographed over one hundred and sixty dance works including more than fifty full evening works. Barbara’s art is characterized by its continual exploration of the feminine, the dark, and the theatrical. Bourget’s work has left indelible emotional impressions on Vancouver audiences. Her critically-acclaimed works include Crime Against Grace, Dance of the Dead, Sunyata, Life, the trilogy of works Sade I, II, and III, F, and four collaborations with the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra. Barbara has a Master of Fine Arts – Interdisciplinary Studies from Simon Fraser University. In September of 2011, Barbara was awarded the Mayor’s Arts Award in Dance from the City of Vancouver.  

Photo: Peter Eastwood