F-O-R-M on the edge  |  F-O-R-M (Festival of Recorded Movement)

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This ‘F-O-R-M on the edge’ DOTE screening features some of our 2019 festival favourites selected from our official selections and commissioned films. Co-Curated by Tamar Tabori and Sophia Wolfe, these films speak to narrative and non-narrative explorations of communicating via movement on screen. How can the body relay what words cannot? What stories unfold when we take the time to listen with our eyes?

Creator|Company: F-O-R-M (Festival of Recorded Movement)

Co-Curators: Tamar Tabori, Sophia Wolfe

Run-of-the-Whip-Poor-Will | Tamar Tabori 

Routines, patterns, and cycles are a part of human behaviour. By breaking a habit and practicing the opposite, we are challenging what is normal. We are constantly evolving and moulding ourselves to new contexts and environments this is how we, as humans, find ordinary. We carry forth what we know into our unknowns, creating adaptations and new norms. The more you sit and think about it, the more the normal becomes bizarre. If “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure,” then one man’s ordinary is another man’s extraordinary.

Choreographer, Performer, Editor: Tamar Tabori

Co-Artistic Director, Cinematographer: Alan McTavish

Sound Designer, Music Composition: Evan Stephanian

Production Assistant, Photographer: Yaara Eshet

Running Time: 8 mins 59 secs

Trace, Tread | Jenna Mazur 

An otherwise typical day in the studio is shifted when a dancer’s notes animate into geometric objects. The magic that exists in the mundanities of the everyday is made physical as the dancer stirs the room with her energy and ideas. Memories of movement hang in the air until the momentum of ideas are exhausted.

Concept, Direction, Production: Jenna Berlyn, Dane Armour

Dancer, Choreographer: Jenna Berlyn

VFX, Director of Photography, Editor: Dane Armour

Camera Operator: Richard Witting

Original Music: Isak Enquist

Sound FX: Jenna Berlyn

Stylist: Xanthe Rose

Stop Motion, Illustration: Shauna Griffin

Shoot Assistants: Jaegar Sarauer, Milan Miguel, Mia Metz, Josh Quissy, Xanthe Rose

Mentors: Sammy Chien, Nancy Lee, Sophia Wolfe

Graphic Design Consultation: Flory Huang

Transportation: Iris Stewart-Bosch, Iris’s Dad, Chelsea Goddard, Mikayla Mazur, Jaegar Sarauer, Richard Witting, Shauna Griffin, Milan Miguel

Running Time: 3 mins 25 secs

INCLINATIONS | Danielle Peers 

**The July 8 screening of this film will be audio-described.**

Choreographed, directed and shot from disability perspectives, this dance-on-video short contrasts the playful connections when disability aesthetics, community and a ramp meet the institutional histories and discordant inclinations that can lurk just below the surface.

Director: Danielle Peers, Alice Sheppard

Assistant Director: Lisa Niedermeyer

Producers: Danielle Peers, Disability Dance Works, LLC

Choreographer: Allice Sheppard in collaboration with dancers

Dancers: Alice Sheppard, Harmaine Taylor, John Loeppky, Danielle Peers

Camera Director and Editor: Mike Robertson

Camera Assistant and Lighting: Bob L’Heureux

Production Assistant and Process Doula: Lindsay Eales

Production Coordinator: Julie Ferguson

Sound Design and Score: Dan Wool

Visual Description: George McRae

Set Assistants: Janita Frantsi, Angela Sekulic

Equipment Rental: The Film and Video Art Society of Alberta

Facilities and on-site support: Dean Budynski, Kassidy Bullock, Janelle Downing-Bake, Brian Gatric, Cheryl Hardwardt, Hania Kura, Alyssa Pietucha, Andrew Smith, Omar Yusuf

Running Time: 5 mins 40 secs

Moments of Movement #90 | Mark Valino

This freestyle dance video series is about trying to capture that perfect moment between dancer, filmmaker, and surroundings as they connect through music. These one-of-a-kind interpretations are a form of self-expression for both dancer and filmmaker who both react and express through the music, environment and each other. This series explores improvisational creativity, collaboration and expression of 3 different mediums, of dance, music, and cinematography, as well as exploring the universal language of music. The artists not only connect to the music, but also their surroundings where simple corners turn into colorful canvases. As the artists move through the space, the colors, shapes, and movements are captured by the cinematographer. Creatives often over-edit and self-censor themselves, therefore this short time span limits that habit, compelling them to embrace their imperfections and allows the artists more spontaneity in that moment. Additionally, many of the artists have found these moments to be challenging and inspiring and were grateful for this liberating experience.

Director: Mark Valino

Dancer: Knex (Mark Barias)

Music: Spek Won ft. Shi Wisdom & Nevon -“Moorish Code”

Running Time: 3 mins 27 secs

Origins | Sebastian Hill-Esbrand

Origins is a movement installation piece which explores ancestry through movement and the universality of rhythm and music. We will explore the memories that are held within the body and soul, to ignite a connection between our ancestors who used music and rhythm as ceremony, celebration, mourning, play, and announcing war. We remember that our ancestors speak through us, forever sending signs; reminders of the many before us and the origins that connect us.

Director: Sebastian Hill-Esbrand

Creative Direction/Dance/ Choreography: Immigrant Lessons

Director of Photography: Tim Saylor

Camera Operator: Bruno Charal, Christian Lavery

Editor: Kelsey McGowan

Sound Designer and Mixer: Amnie Bouzaher

Running Time: 3 mins 25 secs

Kariskis | Tin Gamboa

Whilst each of us is a product of our histories, we experience the harvest of previous generations. We can be mindful of how the past has affected the present when making present decisions for our future — we can till the soil for future generations, prune out weeds, plant new seeds, give the land time to rest, and dance for abundance and fertility.

Director, Editor, Choreographer: Tin Gamboa

Production Manager: Kayla De Vos

Dancers: Deborah Lynn Espiritu Afuang, Aisha Leonardo Polestico, Madge Reyes, Jomelle Era, Sofia Costales, Paulina Reyes, Anna Montserrat Guerrero, Dane Afuang, Mika Fabella, Carissa Laurel

Directors of Photography: John Michael Huang, Deej Fabian, Sami GA

Running Time: 7 mins 33 secs

soft teeth | Zahra Shahab

soft teeth is an experimental video about mutant creatures that undergo several processes of metamorphosis. It is a playful illustration of metaphysical queer identity in its indefinability and perpetual state of emergence. The creatures morph and merge, birthing new versions of themselves while finding synthesis with their physical landscape. Their soft bodies become a terrain of potential, with body parts growing, shrinking, and changing colour. An emphasis on the fantastical allows room for the entities to not rely on a stable future or a concrete narrative, but instead exist in a continually amorphous, unpredictable state.

Director and Choreographer: Zahra Shahab

Art Director and Director of Photography: Arya Hawker

Editing: Zahra Shahab, Arya Hawker

VFX: Arya Hawker

Costume and Installation Designer/Construction: Zahra Shahab and  Ileanna Cheladyn assisted by Stéphanie Cyr and Juolin Lee

Performers: Hayley Gawthrop, Diego Romero

Sound Designer: Roxanne Nesbitt

Running Time: 6 mins 37 secs

THIS IS FOR US | Shanel Edwards

THIS IS FOR US is a multidisciplinary visual that centers Black Queer Femme radical joy and intimacy in our relationship. We always cultivated magic between us and know healing through tea, glitter, whiskey and a good belly laugh. We thrive despite ANY attempts to kill us. Lucille Clifton says:”Come celebrate with me that everyday something has tried to kill me and has failed.” This is our resilience, this project is void of our trauma.

Director, Producer, Choreographer, Dancer: Shanel Edawards

Cinematographer, Assistant Producer: Kayla Watkins

Assistant Producer: Chris Lester

Sound Designers: Cvgebird, Jacqueline Constance

Dancers: Chloe Newton, Nyla Murray, Cierra Woods

Running Time: 6 mins 2 secs