SQUIN  |  Ralph Escamillan/FakeKnot

The Poets  |  Cori Caulfield/coriograph theatre

Compass  |  Olivia C. Davies

Firehall Arts Centre

July 10 @ 7pm & July 12 @ 9pm Firehall Arts Centre Buy Tickets


Ralph Escamillan/FakeKnot


Excerpt from Work-in-Progress

Based on the exploration of identity, this work in progress explores dance making through the lens of each aspect of the work: costuming, sound, lighting and choreography.

Choreographer: Ralph Escamillan

Performers: Ralph Escamillan & Stefan Seslija

Sound: Stefan Seslija

Costumes: Sonja Muse

This new work is supported by:

Co-Producer/Presenters The Dance Centre & Push Festival to Premiere at Club Push in January 2018

Space residencies by Boca Del Lupo and Karma Teachers

Iterations of this work has been preformed at SFU Launch 2015, Fluid Fest 2015 (Calgary), in association with Fringe Manila 2016 and International Dance Day at Scotiabank Dance Centre 2016.


Ralph Escamillan/FakeKnot

The Poets

Cori Caulfield/coriograph theatre


In three separate short works Caulfield explores the musical poetry of Leonard Cohen, David Bowie, and The Tragically Hip.

Choreographer/Performer: Cori Caulfield

Performers and collaborators: Hailley Caulfield Postle

Mark Taylor (sound) and Students of Caulfield School of Dance

Cori Caulfield/coriograph theatre


Olivia C. Davies


Excerpt from Full-Length Work

An excerpt from the Davies’ full-length work Crow’s Nest and Other Places She’s Gone, this vignette is grounded in Contemporary Indigenous stories of women’s transitions in and out of their nests.  Compass asks: Why does the edge call to us? What awaits us there?

Choreographer/Performer: Olivia C. Davies /“Blue”

Storytelling: Rosemary Georgeson / “Rose”

Music: Part 1 – The Bundle / Stirring Memories composed by Michael Red; Part 2 – Light 3.0 field recordings combined with remix of The Lighthouse by Amon Tobin, edited by Olivia C. Davies

Mentorship: Starr Muranko, Aurelie Pedron, Santee Smith, Alejandro Ronceria

Technical Direction: Emily Neumann

Lighting Design: Jonathan Kim

Costume Design: Lee-Anne Styan

Set Design: Peter Quesnel and Olivia C. Davies

Olivia C. Davies