Mid-light  |  Mahaila Patterson-O’Brien

OFF CENTRE  |  Sujit Vaidya

Invisible but Real  |  Jennifer McLeish-Lewis

Firehall Arts Centre

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Mahaila Patterson-O’Brien


This story takes place a long time ago in a future that has not yet arrived. It begins with two beings in a mid-light world. One asks “Will you show me who you really are?” The other peels the skin back and says, “                            .”

Some things are best left unexplained.

Choreographer: Mahaila Patterson-O’Brien

Dancers and Collaborators: Eowynn Enquist + Isak Enquist

Original Sound: Paul Paroczai


Paul Paroczai – Peeled Back

Kensuke Ushio – A Shape of Light

Media + Text: Mahaila Patterson-O’Brien

Special Thanks: To the dancers for their generosity and choreographic contribution to this piece. To Dance Victoria for providing the space for this piece to find its beginnings, and to Theatre Replacement for their ongoing support in the development of this work through the COLLIDER Residency.

Mahaila Patterson-O’Brien


Sujit Vaidya


“OFF CENTRE” reflects upon multiplicities of existence and negotiations to find connections within oneself. Reflecting on the disorientation of immersing himself in the ideas of an ancient art form while living in today’s world as a gay man, Sujit Vaidya creates this work from a deeply personal space.

Choreographer: Sujit Vaidya

Performers: Curtis Andrews, Arun Mathai, Sujit Vaidya

Lighting Designer: Itai Erdal

Make Up: Monica Lee

The Dance Centre

Canada Arts Council

Sujit Vaidya

Invisible but Real

Jennifer McLeish-Lewis


Inspired by Catholic iconography and images of the Holy Mother, Invisible but Real is about embodied rapture and a personal sense of the divine.  Deep sorrow and profound awe are intimately layered.  The sacred and the profane fold into and out of each other, holding opposites simultaneously.

Choreographer: Jennifer McLeish-Lewis

Performer: Jennifer McLeish-Lewis

Sound Designer: Stefan SmulovitsWorld Premiere

Jennifer McLeish-Lewis