Chapter 5  |  Arash Khakpour/Rodrigo Rocha-Campos

Dolik's Clothes  |  Ben Gorodetsky

Shadow State | Eclipse  |  David Cooper

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Chapter 5

Arash Khakpour/Rodrigo Rocha-Campos


World Premiere

Chapter 5 is a screen dance film about a young man battling drug addiction and the tenuous balance between pleasure and self-demise. “In this work I wanted to speak out on the issue of addiction as a way of healing the pain loved ones very dear to me went through, and unfortunately, lost their battle to this terrible predicament.” With dialog replaced by movement, visuals and a wealth of sounds Chapter 5 is visceral and painful.

Choreographer/Performer: Arash Khakpour

Producer/Director/Writer: Rodrigo Rocha-Campos

Cinematographer/Lighting Designer: Robert Riendeau

Production Designer: Skye Dyken

Composer/Sound Mixer: Will Meadows

Make-up: Megan Mitchell

First Assistant Director: Brooke Goble

Running Time: 15 mins

Dolik's Clothes

Ben Gorodetsky

Waterloo, ON

World Premiere

My grandfather Dolik Lutsky died on April 3, 2020. We were unable to gather for his funeral, left to sort through our grief alone. One small relief was my grandmother mailing me a box of his clothes. Using these garments as performance artifacts I’ve created a digital video piece reimagining grieving rituals in the age of COVID. I explore the ceremony of wearing Dolik’s clothes and reactivating the narrative, cultural, and physical threads of his life. Soviet oral histories provide textual counterpoint to the dance video created through aerial drone photography. Country roads and lakes frame this physical score exploring grief and memory.

Choreographer/Creator/Performer: Ben Gorodetsky

Running Time: 10-15 mins

Ben Gorodetsky

Shadow State | Eclipse

David Cooper


Shadow State

Running Time: 3 mins

A dance collaboration with Danielle Gardner filmed in David Cooper’s studio. Experimenting with movement and light.



Running Time: 4 mins

A short dance film experimenting with light and movement.

Creators: Linda Arkelian and David Cooper

Dancers: Darren Devaney and Thibaut Eiferman

Music: Dustin O’Halloran