EDGE Seven

the edge of now  |  adelheid/Heidi Strauss | Ginette Laurin

Braced 4  |  Constance Cooke

Firehall Arts Centre

July 15 7pm (approximately 80 minutes) Firehall Arts Centre Buy Tickets
July 16 7pm (approximately 80 minutes) Firehall Arts Centre Buy Tickets

the edge of now

adelheid/Heidi Strauss


the edge of now delves into Laurin’s preoccupations with ‘the double’. Through distortion of the body, of images, sound, and time, Strauss plays between this physical reality and a suspended place where memory lives.

Choreographer: Ginette Laurin
Interpretation: Heidi Strauss
Projection: Jeremy Mimnagh
Lighting Design: Simon Rossiter

This solo was created with the support of the Toronto Arts Council, the Ontario Arts Council and residency support from OVertigo. Special Thanks to Joshua Koffman and Darryl Tracy.

adelheid/Heidi Strauss

Braced 4

Constance Cooke


Braced 4 is a 36-minute work that explores the dilemma of initiation. It is a story of agitation, new equilibrius and changing outcomes. This work for two men will premier at Dancing on the Edge Festival.

Special thanks to Mark Sawh Medrano for the gift of his contribution to the creative process of Brace 4.

Choreographer: Constance Cooke
With Collaborators: Arash Khakpour, Walter Kubanek
Lighting Design: James Proudfoot
Set Design & Concepts: Constance Cook
Set Constructor: Jimbo Insell

Constance Cooke