Excerpts of a Work-in-Progress  |  Rachel Meyer

Brimming  |  Josh Martin | Company 605

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Excerpts of a Work-in-Progress

Rachel Meyer


World Premiere

Choreographer: Rachel Meyer in collaboration with the artists

Performers: Josh Martin, Stéphanie Cyr, Brandon Lee Alley

Dramaturg and Rehearsal Director: Heather Myers

Filming and Editing: Peter Smida

Composer: James Maxwell

Thank you to Left of Main, The Dance Deck, and the Moberly Arts and Cultural Centre for Artistic Residencies and to Olivia Shaffer and Bynh Ho for their initial contribution in the research of this project.

Running Time: 6 mins 30 secs

Rachel Meyer


Josh Martin | Company 605


World Premiere

Brimming is a new solo work-in-development investigating the body as a container: a rigid frame holding in and concealing its stored inner contents. The piece imagines this hollow interior space, filled and emptied out, and inhabited by different states. A performer trapped inside of their own body, the dance is a meeting of both the seen and unseen – the invisible contents that slosh up against the sides, pushing against the outer surface from beneath, and occasionally leaking under its pressure. Brimming explores this shape we are in, how it holds us, and what might eventually spill out of one’s self when the walls begin to bend.

Performer: Josh Martin

Original Sound Designer: Matthew Tomkinson

Lighting: James Proudfoot

Camera/Director of Photography: David Cooper

Creative Contributors: Lisa Gelley & Justine Chambers

Special Thanks: The Firehall Arts Centre, Diego Romero, Boombox

Running Time: 14 mins

Josh Martin | Company 605