Four Intimate Pieces

Four Intimate Pieces  |  Edmond Kilpatrick

Chapel Arts

Tues, July 8, 2014 9:00pm Chapel Arts Buy Tickets
Wed, july 9, 2014 9:00pm Chapel Arts Buy Tickets

PREMIERE – Edmond Kilpatrick (Everything is Alright, Still Breath Standing) explores aspects of intimacy with four new works presented in the round at Chapel Arts. Starting with his own solo that reveals the inner, personal journey of a man in today’s world, his choreography then transitions to a solo performed by Anne Cooper in which a woman faces an emotional past as it resurfaces; what is it about those moments of being present in feeling that is so engaging to see? In a delicate duet between Kilpatrick and Ziyian Kwan, the intimacy between a couple in a long term relationship is revealed as their relationship passes through the phase of early sexual intensity and then trust, mistrust and acceptance. Finally, the three dancers engage in a trio that touches on the intimacy of a group living in an urban environment.

Duration: 40-50 minutes

Edmond Kilpatrick is an independent dancer, teacher and choreographer based in Vancouver. A graduate of the Royal Winnipeg Ballet School his dance career began in Montreal with Les Grands Ballets Canadiens. Edmond moved to Vancouver and danced with many local and national contemporary choreographers. This led to him joining Ballet BC where he remained for 9 seasons. He then performed two works with Wen Wei Dance over 2 years and continued creating and performing as an independent.