M. Session

Mark Siller, Dean Placzek, Antonio Somera, Rina Pellerin + Cristina Bucci

Firehall Arts Centre Courtyard

Fri July 10 8:15pm Firehall Arts Centre Courtyard By Donation
Sat July 11 8:15pm Firehall Arts Centre Courtyard By Donation

Street dance viewed through the contemporary kaleidoscope. This newly formed collective of street dancers from varied backgrounds creates their own unique hybrid of movement that retains the essence of each unique genre and individuals’ freedom of expression. It incorporates solo work to demonstrate how freestyled movement can highlight the individual strength/ story of each member and emphasizes the root of street dance culture.

OURO is a Vancouver-based dance collective that uses urban dance vocabulary (hip hop, popping, waacking, breaking and contemporary) foundationally for the creation and production of new work. OURO’s vision is to bridge the gap between the street and formal dance/arts community by fostering an inclusive dance environment/experience where artists of various mediums and the public can engage in.

M. Sessions shows the research that the collective has done through the past seven months. Through an amalgamation of hip hop, breaking, popping, waacking and contemporary dance they are creating their own unique vocabulary of hybrid movement. The work also draws inspiration from photography by Jourdan Tymkow.

Photo: Jourdan Tymkow


Note: You can use your Dance Passport at this venue.