Helen Simard

Firehall Arts Centre

July 14 @ 9pm & July 15 @ 9pm Firehall Arts Centre Buy Tickets

Loud. In your face. Sexual but not sexy.

NO FUN is an interdisciplinary dance performance inspired by the movement and music of the legendary punk icon Iggy Pop. This rockstravaganza laughs in the face of failure, reaches out and strangles people, and doesn’t take itself too seriously. For 50 minutes, three dancers and four musicians hit you full force with a giant wall of movement and sound, leaving you feeling somewhere between “F*ck yeah!” and “What the hell just happened?” Grab some earplugs on your way in and leave your expectations in the lobby. We will have a real cool time tonight.

PS. NO FUN is literally about nothing, so don’t worry if you don’t “get it”. You’re doing alright. Just feel alright.

WARNING: This show contains coarse language, bad attitudes, awkward silences, blinding lights, wailing guitars, underpants, and absolutely NO FUN.

Creator: Helen Simard, in collaboration with the performers

Performers: Stephanie Fromentin, Sébastien Provencher, Emmalie Ruest, Rémy Saminadin, Todd Tolls, Roger White, and Ted Yates

Lighting Designer: Benoit Larivière

Set Designer: Loïc Woehrel and Helen Simard

Rehearsal Direction: George Stamos

NO FUN was created in residency at the UQAM Dance Department through the Programme d’aide aux artistes.