Schemas, 1-5

Jolene Bailie/Gearshifting Performance Works

Firehall Arts Centre

July 6 7pm Firehall Arts Centre BUY TICKETS
July 7 8pm Firehall Arts Centre BUY TICKETS

Schemas, 1-5, dances about relationships and patterns of behavior. The dance is constructed in five schemas and with each one the dance re-maps itself.  Each schema is linked through an abstract narrative that transforms, evolves, and accumulates to reveal perspectives on energy, power, automatic thought, and support.  The dance brings an immediacy that is simultaneously direct and open-ended.

Schemas, 1-5, brings to the stage a new direction for Jolene Bailie, one that interweaves pure physicality with stunning scenarios that are mobile and reflective of the dance. Featuring an ensemble of seven dancers and showcasing a distinct prairie vision.


Created by:  Jolene Bailie
Lighting Designer: Hugh Conacher
Dancers: Carol-Ann Bohrn, Hélène Le Moullec Mancini, Shawn Maclaine, Warren McClelland, Sam Penner, Aaron Paul, Camila Schujman.

Created with support from The Manitoba Art Council and the Winnipeg Arts Council.

**Show contains brief nudity**