SOLO 70: a dance by a man with a long dance history

Fortier Danse-Création

Scotiabank Dance Centre

July 7 8pm Scotiabank Dance Centre Buy Tickets
July 8 8pm Scotiabank Dance Centre Buy Tickets

Western Canada Premiere

Building on his peripatetic dance career, Fortier is reinventing the solo with a magical soundtrack marked by traces of Janis Joplin and Jimmy Hendrix, delving into the heart of memory and the unknown. An original script by Étienne Lepage is spoken, muttered, shouted and whispered by actor Étienne Pilon, who slips seamlessly into the dancer’s very being. Ages and experiences merge and the future becomes one with the past, yet everything is in the present tense.

Choreographer: Paul-André Fortier

Performer: Paul-André Fortier

Actor: Étienne Pilon

Music (composer and performer) : Jackie Gallant

Texts: Étienne Lepage


A co-commission of the Candance Creation Fund, Festival Trans Amerique, National Arts Centre, Agora de la danse, Dancing on the Edge Festival and Theatre National de Chaillot, Paris.