Chapter 21 (work-in-progress)  |  Starr Muranko | Raven Spirit Dance

Firehall Arts Centre - The Studio

July 13 4pm Firehall Arts Centre - The Studio BUY TICKETS

What happens when a vibrant, active artist comes face to face with a crippling collision of events?

She hunkers down. She gets through it by taking one step at a time, allowing her heart to open and shedding what she needs to shed.

And when the worst has passed…..she turns it all into art.

Chapter 21 is a reflection on the days that have come to pass and the art of becoming.

A new baby boy. Chromosome 21. The big ‘C’ diagnosis. 21 days between treatments. 21 days to re-pattern beliefs. Courage. Faith. Resilience.

Join Starr Muranko in this studio showing as she grapples with the edges of healing and art making, the reverent and irreverent aspects of our human experiences, questioning how we share and honour each other’s journey.

Choreographer and Performer:  Starr Muranko

Mentor & Dramaturge:  Alvin Tolentino

Composer:  Edgardo Moreno