THUS SPOKE...  |  Frédérick Gravel and Étienne Lepage

Firehall Arts Centre

July 8 7pm (approximately 75 minutes) Firehall Arts Centre Buy Tickets
July 9 9pm (approximately 75 minutes) Firehall Arts Centre Buy Tickets
July 10 9pm (approximately 75 minutes) Firehall Arts Centre Buy Tickets

Frédérick Gravel is the rock star of Canadian contemporary dance, displaying a fresh, new, hip and exciting dynamic.  Together, the brilliant writer Étienne Lepage and Frédérick Gravel have concocted a pop piece that is cheeky and devilishly sexy.  From Nietzsche to Hendrix, Thus Spoke shifts in jolts from scathing diatribe to rock and roll celebration, from electrifying harangue to laid-back clam, striking a good smack to the face of conformism.

Creators: Frédérick Gravel & Étienne Lepage
Performers: Frédérick Gravel, Frédéric Lavallée, Marilyn Perreault, Anne Thériault
Text: Étienne Lepage
Translation (text): Chantal Bilodeau
Movement:  Frédérick Gravel
Artistic Direction: Frédérick Gravel, Étienne Lepage
Performers at creation:  Daniel Parent, Marilyn Perreault, Éric Robidoux, Anne Thériault
Scenography: Frédérick Gravel, Étienne Lepage
Lighting: Frédérick Gravel
Stage Manager: Caroline Nadeau
Sound:  Stéphane Boucher
Costumes: Elen Ewing
Executive Producer:  Marie-Andrée Gougeon for Daniel Léveillé danse
Co-producers: Automne en Normandie &Festival TransAmériques
Creative Residences: Maison de la culture Frontenac & Agora de la Danse

This production receives administrative support from Daniel Léveillé danse company (Montréal, QC) as part of its touring sponsorship project.