Transverse Orientation

Rachel Meyer

Warehouse Space - 1490 E Georgia St, Vancouver (Limited Street Parking)

July 4 10pm Warehouse Space - 1490 E Georgia St, Vancouver BUY TICKETS
July 5 11pm Warehouse Space - 1490 E Georgia St, Vancouver BUY TICKETS
July 6 11pm Warehouse Space - 1490 E Georgia St, Vancouver BUY TICKETS

Transverse Orientation unfolds in the space between two allegories taken from the Moth. On the one hand, the idea of radical transformation: Moths undergo metamorphosis, becoming beings that don’t remotely resemble their previous incarnation. On the other hand, the idea of a mysterious source of distant guidance (or distraction); In travel, Moths find their orientation by keeping a fixed angle on a distant source of light.

Choreographer: Rachel Meyer in collaboration with the dancers

Dancers:  Stéphanie Cyr, Eowynn Enquist, Livona Ellis, Josh Martin, Rachel Meyer

Violinist:  Janna Sailor

Lighting Designer:  James Proudfoot

Dramaturge:  Heather Myers

Costume Designer:  Sara Armstrong

Set Designer:  Rachel Meyer

Set Construction and Sound Engineer:  Sylvain Senez

Producer:  Meriah Schultz

Production Electrician:  Jeff Harrison

Sound Editor:  Nikola Tošić


The Caretaker: Pared Back To The Minimal

(with Alex Stolze) [Live] Anne Müller: Solo? Repeat!

Leyland Kirby: Collected Light

Masayoshi Fujita: Moonlight

Nicolas Jaar: Near Death

Harold Budd: Let Us Go Into the House of the Lord/Butterfly Sunday

Special thanks to: Afton Bjor, Ballet BC, Bronwyn Livingston, Christoph von Riedemann, Chris Smith, Derek Mack, Emily Molnar, Frank Van Pykstra, James O’Mara,  Josh Olson, Lucian Mircioiu, Lukas Daase, Maya Tenzer, Omer Arbel, Randy Biro, Randy Bishop, Ria Girard, Timo Mcelderry, and Victor Egli.

Trailer Video: Fahim Kassam


**Doors open one hour prior to performance. Drinks will be on sale at the Warehouse Space **

** Cash or Credit only at the Door**

**There is limited Street Parking at the Venue**