Joe Ink

  Choreographer/s | Joe Laughlin

  Name of piece | New work in progress

  Venue | Firehall Arts Centre

I remember… is a work in progress that incorporates movement, text and video. It is an exploration of the dancers aging body and how that informs my work now and in the future. I’m 62, I am old, very old to still be dancing! But that’s okay. I’m lucky to be this age. I’m lucky I can make dances for myself, cause no one else is making dances for us older folks. Where do we fit into an artform mainly about youth, virtuosity and stamina, strength and ability and bungee bodies doing more and more. I still feel the way I always have about dancing and performing. I still want to do it. As an artist I still have the desire to express myself through movement as I have done for over 40 years even though my body and physical ability is on the decline. I am barreling towards the end, in more ways than one, but by this stage in life you have suffered a lot and developed empathy, compassion and an understanding of time, and more specifically aging. Everything is being taken from you. It’s the slow slide of your body into your 60’s and beyond. You need to develop the understanding that it won’t last, the older you get the lonelier life becomes and the greater love you need, not to receive, but to give, in order to be and to deliver to the world.

Created and Performed: Joe Laughlin 

Joe Laughlin
Joe Laughlin is the founding Artistic Director of JOE INK and has created fourteen productions for the company, most recently DANCE:CRAFT, Joe: A Solo Show, 4OUR and Retrospective: 25 Years. A particularly versatile choreographer and performer, Joe has received numerous commissions from arts organizations including the Canada Dance Festival, National Arts Centre, Royal Winnipeg Ballet, Ballet BC and Moving into Dance Mophatong, among others.

His over 60 works have been performed in Canada, the US, UK, Europe, South Africa and South Korea. He has received the Canada Council’s Jacqueline Lemieux Prize, the Banff Centre’s Clifford E. Lee Choreography Award and the BC Isadora Award for excellence in choreography.

Well known for his personable teaching style, Joe's ability to inspire dancers and non-dancers alike to discover their individual movement potential is one of his unique talents. His passion for working with communities led him to create Move It!




Approx. Running Time: 20 mins

Credit: Michael Slobodian
Credit: Michael Slobodian
Credit: Michael Slobodian
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