Method Dance Society

Choreographer/s | Giselle K Liu

Name of piece | Behind Veiled Eyes

Venue | Firehall Arts Centre

"Behind Veiled Eyes" is an intimate duet exploring the complex connection between two sisters and the theme of healing through matriarchal lineage. This performance uniquely blends spoken and unspoken dialogue, immersing the audience in the intricacies of family relationships.

Choreographer: Giselle K Liu

Giselle Liu, raised in Prince Rupert BC., is an interdisciplinary choreographer and movement artist with a nearly two-decade career spanning globally. Her work explores the intersection of movement, light, and perception, creating immersive experiences that highlight human experiences and sense-ability. Liu’s distinct choreographic language emphasizes the interconnectedness within the visible and the visibly hidden. She works closely with Method Dance Society and other local BC artists, envisioning the arts as a meeting point for familial and intergenerational conversations and co-creation. 

Costume Design: Katherine Liu

Composer: Giselle Liu

Lighting Designer: Giselle Liu 


Caitlin McCormick, a 23-year-old dancer, teacher, and choreographer, hails from Northern BC, situated on the ancestral lands of the Lheidli T’enneh Nation. Since the age of three, she's immersed herself in various dance styles, her passion fueling her journey. Despite the pandemic thwarting her professional aspirations in Vancouver, Caitlin found solace back home, delving into kinesiology studies and training under Method Dance Society. This opportunity in Northern BC allows her to nurture her craft alongside creators like Anya Saugstad, Giselle Liu and Shelby Richardson. She has also worked closely with artists Sarah Dolan, Valerio Iurata, Kayla Corbin, and Natalie LeFebvre Gnam. Caitlin's ethos transcends technical prowess; she champions risk, play, and trust in the creative process, fostering a community where dance thrives organically.

Abigael McCormick grew up on the ancestral lands of the Lheidli T'enneh Nation in North-Central BC. Her journey took a transformative turn when she ventured into professional commercial training at ITP in Vancouver. There, she immersed herself in street and contemporary dance, refining her skills and broadening her artistic horizons. Returning to her hometown, Abigael honed her practice as a dancer, collaborating with notable artists such as Cai Glover and Giselle Liu. Abigael's unique blend of influences promises to carve new pathways in the dance world, as she expands her practice and choreography, rooted in her Northern BC upbringing and enriched by her training.


June 18th @ 7:00 PM

June 20th @ 9:00 PM

Approx. Running Time: 65 minutes

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