2015 Performances

Full Programs

Misfit Blues credit Xavier Curnillon 2

Misfit Blues
Paul-André Fortier

Burrow 2015 - Photograph by alice Pennefather

MOVE: the company (10th Anniversary celebration)
The Royal Ballet, Heather Dotto, Cai Glover

Colleen Lanki in Weaver Women, image by Trevan Wong

Weaver Woman
TomoeArts | Colleen Lanki

Mixed Programs

'how to be' Tara Cheyenne Performace -Back row Kim Stevenson, Tara Cheyenne Friedenberg, Josh Martin, Bevin Poole Front row Marcus Youssef and Kate Franklin- image Wendy D Photography

Edge 6
NEW RAW  |  Deanna Peters
"how to be"  |  Tara Cheyenne Performance


Edge 4
The Mars Hotel  |  dumb instrument Dance | Ziyian Kwan
Body Abandoned  |  Mocean Danace | Sara Coffin

Tentacle tribe selected-10

Edge 5
Nobody Likes a Pixilated Squid  |  Tentacle Tribe | Emmanuelle Lê Phan & Elon Höglund
Feasting on Famine  |  Radical System Art | Shay Kuebler

Vanessa Goodman, credit Jeff Pelletier

Edge 1
FAMILY DINNER: The Lexicon  |  Justine. A Chambers
Container  |  Action at a Distance | Vanessa Goodman
Liminal  |  Constance Cooke

Alvin Malong 1

Edge 2
TRACING MALONG  |  Co.ERASGA | Alvin Erasga Tolentino
Just Words (excerpt)  |  Les Productions Figlio | Serge Bennathan
Femme Fatales  |  Meredith Kalaman

Billy by Yvonne Chew-IMGP6915

Edge 3
Trickster  |  Karen Jamieson Dance | Karen Jamieson and Nathaniel Justiniano
Oxygen  |  Jay Hirabayashi

HKX - NINEEIGHT Promotional Photo 5 [Landscape] image Sepehr Samimi.

Edge Up
NINEEIGHT  |  Hong Kong Exile
Re: Play  |  Naomi Brand
Cuckoo  |  Thoenn Glover
this hallow space has a corridor  |  Michael Kong et al

Site Work

Maiko Miyauchi,Cristina Bucci,Rina Pellerin,Dean Placzek,Mark Siller- image by Jourdan Tymkow

M. Session
Mark Siller, Dean Placzek, Antonio Somera, Rina Pellerin + Cristina Bucci

Wen Wei Wang credit Shin Sugino Studios

Body Talk
Wen Wei Community Dancers

Jeanette Kotowich

Jeanette Kotowich

Wreck Beach Butoh

Wreck Beach Butoh
Kokoro Dance


Dusk Dances
Mumure de Femme / Woman's Whisper  |  Lua Shayenne and Company
Kaha:wi, Four Directions, Young Woman's Dance  |  Santee Smith
THREE-TONE²  |  Karissa Barry
Duck Dances  |  MascallDance
Meet at 6:45pm at the Firehall Arts Centre, to follow the Carnival Band procession | 7:00pm Carnival Band performing at Portside Park | 7:30pm Dances begin

15X By Night credit Xavier Curnillon 3 -Simon

Paul-André Fortier


Tentacle Tribe

Tentacle Tribe Workshop
with Emmanuelle Lê Phan & Elon Höglund

Misfit Blues credit Xavier Curnillon 5

Paul-André Fortier Dance Intensive  |  Paul-André Fortier, Simon Courchel & Robin Poitras

Dance Film