Dance Café

the response. featuring Various Artists

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July 4 1pm, 2pm, 3pm, 4pm Instagram Live via Watch
July 5 1pm, 2pm, 3pm, 4pm Instagram Live via Watch

July 4

1pm – Ted Littlemore (12 mins)

2pm – Olivia C. Davies

3pm – Tia Kushniruk (8-10 mins)

4pm – Erika Mitsuhashi


July 5

1pm – Olivia Shaffer (8-13 mins)

2pm – Daria Mikhaylyuk

3pm – Ileanna Cheladyn (10 mins)

4pm – Marisa Gold (5 mins)


Dance Café was launched by the response in 2017 with the goal of fostering, supporting and sharing unfinished contemporary dance works by professional dance artists in the Vancouver community.  This presentation has always been informal and intimate without the pressure of production values (except for the playing of music/sound) and it has always been offered to the community for free.

The duration of the work can be anywhere from 1 to 20 minutes.  Dance works shared by Choreographers are ‘unfinished’ and/or ideas they are in the process of developing or simply interested in.  The company strives to have Choreographers share their work without judgement or expectation.  In a gesture of absolute trust, the company does not view any of the work prior to the event nor require the Choreographers to submit any information to what they will share.  Dance Café is always a surprise and the ultimate form of show and tell!

Curator: Amber Funk Barton

Co-Curator: Kaia Shukin

Choreographers/Dance Artists: Ileanna Cheladyn, Olivia C. Davies, Tia Kushniruk, Ted Littlemore, Daria Mikhaylyuk, Erika Mitsuhashi, Olivia Shaffer, Marisa Gold

Running Time: Multiple showings ranging from 5-20 mins


Ted Littlemore

I spent about a month in the early COVID-19 lockdown doing daily makeup/drag looks, and have become very interested in the transformative process of makeup, and the tiny dance of “modelling” for photographs. My performance will explore these concepts.

Approx. Running Time: 12 mins


Tia Kushniruk

An execution of rapid unrest – this is an experiment I wanted to conduct. The media, the path of performance, and the context are all new to me. Playing with the storytelling tool of a “cutscene” in a First Person Video Game, I wanted to throw the audience into a space of curiosity and anticipation. Let me know if you feel a ‘snake in yer boot’.

Actor/Director/Scriptwriter: Tia Kushniruk

Actor /Camera Operator: Colin Kushniruk

Music/Sound Designer: Jon Kereliuk

Scriptwriter/Voice Actor: Ileanna Cheladyn

Voice Actor: Daria Mikhaylyuk

Running Time: 8-10 mins


Ileanna Cheladyn

This work is an experimental exploration of distance, proximity, and digital empathy.

Creator/Performer: Ileanna Cheladyn

Running Time: 10 mins