Method Dance Society

Choreographer/s | Shelby Richardson

Name of piece | River Work

Venue | Firehall Arts Centre

River Work is a conceptual multi-media performance piece created in collaboration between three Northern artists Keilani Elizabeth Rose, Shelby Richardson, Shoshanna Godber and Diane Levesque. The work investigates our relationship with the waterways surrounding our region and how they impact our reflections of self and identity. The opening video and monologue reflect Rose’s current journey into her Dakelh language and her passionate activism for clean drinking water in her home community. The choreography is Dakelh syllabic forms and the performers interaction with the water.  Throughout the work, the dancers continually bathe their bodies and costumes (created by Levesque) in river water – a reference to the immersion of self in both the land and cultural knowledge.

Choreographer | Creator Name: Shelby Richardson and Keilani Elizabeth Rose

Composer: Shoshanna Godber

Performers Name(s): Sam Presley, Sara McGowan, Jenna Magrath, Keilani Elizabeth Rose

Keilani Elizabeth Rose
Keilani Elizabeth Rose was born and raised in Lheidli T’enneh territory. Her matrilineal roots belong to the Lheidli T’enneh Nation (The People Where Two Rivers Flow Together) with intersectional Indigeneity with Kānaka Maoli (Native Hawai'ian) diaspora. Keilani made her film debut starring and choreographing Within Silence, (written & directed by Jade Taylor) which garnered the Fesitval de Cannes (2021) awards for Best Fantasy and Best Choreography. She is the founder and director of TWO RIVERS & A ROSE FILMWORKS, which is dedicated to reclaiming space for Indigenous voices in Hollywood and mainstream media and amplifying sovereign storytelling.

Shelby Richardson
As an artist and choreographer, Shelby Richardson has always worked towards creating immersive environments from which to explore relationships between our bodily experience and the outside world. As a curator, choreographer, performer and designer, Shelby aims to blend various components of the visual and performing arts by creating layered, introspective and thought-provoking works. She holds a BFA in Curatorial Practice from the Ontario College of Art and Design, as well as Masters of Anthropology of the Arts from the university of Victoria.
In 2020 Shelby founded Method Dance Society, a professional dance organization and resource platform for dancers and choreographers practicing in the North. Shelby's current focus is to create a network of resources and access for those practicing in the performing arts in the North by facilitating interdisciplinary collaborative practice and project development.

Shoshanna Godber
Shoshanna Godber is a harpist, singer, pianist and banjo player. She has recorded three albums of children's folk music and published over 30 arrangements and original compositions for harp. She is the Artistic Director of the PG Conservatory of Music where she teaches harp and the Music for Young Children Program.



Instagram: @methoddancesociety

July 12th @ 9:00 PM

July 13th @ 9:00 PM

Approx. Running Time: 20 Minutes

Credit: James Doyle
Credit: James Doyle
Credit: James Doyle
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