Sarah Hin Ching U

Choreographer/s | Sarah Hin Ching U

Name of piece | Silent Howl

Venue | Firehall Arts Centre

Silent howl is a multimedia performance that celebrates the beauty and diversity of neurodivergent minds. This performance features visual representation of brain activities through movement, real-time animation, and electronic music corresponding to the theme of lines.

The work is inspired by Sarah Hin Chng U’s living experience with a seizure disorder. While I am drenched of having to advocate for myself constantly in the extremely physically demanding dance world, I find my condition a “gift” at certain times. As I am able to notice nuances in the blend everyday life, and to feel every experience deeply , fully, and passionately. In this work, I highlight neurodiversity and attempt to give pride to people who have a different capacity in brain and sensory processes. I hope this performance reminds people that being different is not a weakness, but a strength to be celebrated.

Choreographer | Creator Name: Sarah Hin Ching U

Composer: Jack Adrian

Performers Name(s): Sarah Hin Ching U

 Animation Design: Alexandra Caprara

Sarah Hin Ching U
Sarah Hin Ching U 余衍晴 (she/her) is a Chinese-Canadian dance artist/choreographer, trained and influenced by a multitude of styles including Latin Ballroom, contemporary, ballet and hiphop. My current artistic focus is 1. Explore and promote the cross-pollination between contemporary dance and street dance. 2. Investigate the integration of new media tools in performance-making, pushing the boundaries of choreography beyond physical movement. My main intention is to create performance experiences that are engaging, reflective, and community-oriented. My choreographic work has been presented by National Arts Centre, Capsule: Video series (Ottawa), The Dance Centre (Vancouver), NewWorks (Vancouver), DanceWorks (Toronto), Impulse Theatre (Victoria, BC), Free Flow Dance Theatre (Saskatoon), SpringWorks (Ontario) among others. In 2022, I received the Professional Performing Artist Award from British Columbia Arts Council and have been awarded residencies at School of Toronto Dance Theatre, City of Port Coquitlam, ArtStarts (Vancouver), and Plastic Orchid Factory. I hold a BFA in dance and kinesiology from Simon Fraser University.

Alexandra Caprara
Alexandra Caprara (she/her) is a queer multidisciplinary artist from Tkaranto, Ontario, whose practice focuses primarily on performance making and devised processes, projection and lighting design, and installation work. As a theatre maker her work has been staged internationally at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival (2018), and has worked across Canada alongside companies such as Canadian Stage, Workman Arts, Theatre Replacement, and Electric Company Theatre. She is currently pursuing her MFA in interdisciplinary arts at Simon Fraser University, with a research focus on interactivity between performers and design technology.

Jack Adrian
Jack Adrian is a musician and sound artist living in Vancouver. Inspired by genres like Jazz, Jungle, and Noise music, Jack's music can range from light and ethereal to frenetic and dissonant, scoring and sound designing live performance, dance, and film.



Instagram: sarahuu__

July 7th @ 7:00 PM

July 9th @ 7:00 PM

Approx. Running Time: 30 minutes

Credit: Yvonne Chew
Credit: Yvonne Chew
Credit: Yvonne Chew
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