#DOTE2020 Trailer!

Check out our #DOTE2020 trailer on Youtube! Our Dancing on the Edge Festival runs from 2-11 July, 2020.

LIVE WORKS at the Firehall Arts Centre – Theatre and Courtyard plus ONLINE WORKS (EDGEs) and Dance Cafe!

Book tickets to our LIVE WORKS and register for our ONLINE works now: dancingontheedge.org.


Feat. works from: Shay Kuebler (Shay Kuebler/Radical System Art), Idan Cohen (Ne. Sans Opera and Dance), Olivia C. Davies (O.Dela Arts), Tara Cheyenne Friedenberg (Tara Cheyenne Performance)/Allison Beda (A Muse Productions), Arash Khakpour/Rodrigo Rocha-Campos, Jeanette Kotowich, Thierry Verger/Marek Klajda, Carolina Bergonzoni (All Bodies Dance Project), David Cooper, Zab Maboungou (Compagnie Danse Nyata Nyata), Ziyian Kwan (Dumb Instrument Dance)/Lihuen Kwan, & Vanessa Goodman (Action at a Distance).

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